Q. What if the weather is too bad to take the boat to the destination?

A. If the weather is bad the duration of the trip may take longer and the boat will remain confined to the Intracoastal Waterway. (Not applicable to Wild Dunes/ Kiawah trip) To keep the boat out of the waterway there must be a hurricane strength storm and in that case there will be no golf. In this case we will know a few days in advance and we will work with you and your group to reschedule or do whatever we can to satisfy your groups needs.

Q. What if it rains and we can’t, or decide not to play one of the rounds?

A. If this occurs each player in your party will receive a voucher that can be used at that course anytime or as an additional round during your trip.

Q. What if we want food in our homes that we are staying?

A. All of the resorts have transportation to get to a grocery store but being in the resort they tend to be a bit overpriced. In this case we will stock, or at any time during your stay run to a grocery store and bring you what you need along with the receipt for you to pay at cost. You can make a list ahead of time of items you may want stocked and we will have them awaiting your arrival and you will pay cost.

Q. Is all transportation taken care of on our trip?

A. Yes we will handle all of your transportation throughout the trip. Extra trips that don’t get included to your itinerary that are outside of the resort may inquire an additional cost but we will gladly arrange it at any time throughout the trip and settle up before the end of the trip.

Q. What if we drive and don’t fly?

A. If you drive and don’t fly we will prearrange a spot for you to park you cars to await your arrival after the duration of the trip.

Q. What if I want a golf lesson before or after the round?

A. Every Top Shelf Golf Excursion comes with its own private golf instructor available at anytime during your trip. It is totally free and included in your cost. Our pros are extremely experienced and are highly educated in teaching the golf swing. They are not here to make any long term changes to your game but will make the proper changes in order for you to hit well while you are on the trip which will allow you to have a better time, and that’s what it is all about.

Q. How much do we have to pay when we book the trip?

A. When you book a Top Shelf Golf Excursion you are required to pay 50% of the total cost. This allows us to book your rooms, hold the optimal tee times and reserve the transportation and yacht. The other 50% is due no later than 30 days in advance of the trip.

Q. What if we want to add or drop rounds from the sample itinerary?

A. The itinerary that is planned is totally optional and it is set to give you and idea of time and price throughout the trip. Cost of the trip will go up and down based on additional rounds or less rounds. If you want to play Harbor town, Kiawah Ocean, more than once it will inquire an additional fee because they cost more than the other resort courses.

Q. What if I can get my group on a private course in the area?

A. We will arrange transportation to and from the course or courses of your choice and subtract price and rounds from your itinerary. You will pay the private courses fee for your group directly.

Q. Can everything in the trip be included in one price for corporate events so that my guests don’t ever have to pay for anything?

A. Yes, we can arrange an itinerary to your specifications that ensures every aspect of your trip is paid in advance from the caddie fees, additional meals, food and drinks in the rooms as well as anything else your party may desire. We will recommend the best restaurants for your budget and work with them to set a pre paid per person price for dinning.

Q. Is there a format to the golf?

A. There is no format unless you want one. Every Top Shelf Golf Excursion has an opening ceremony with a scoreboard and player handicaps. We can design and score any format you can think of or we can design one based on your needs. Long drive closet to the pin and skins will be collected and monitored by the TSGE staff if you desire to have contests.

Q. What type of food will be served on the boat?

A. All of the food that is served is made from scratch using the freshest local ingredients. We hand make as well as use different chefs throughout the area to make special dishes to please your group. We will go over options as well as any special requests before we lock in a final trip price.

Q. What do you need from the trip leader after we book?

A. We will need full names, airport where they will be flying from, email addresses, room preferences and handicaps of each guest on the trip. This will allow us to send them emails to find out any food preferences, drink preferences or any special requests from each individual.

Q. Will you help with flights?

A. Yes, after you put the 50% deposit down on your trip we will send emails to everyone in the group and help find them cheap and quick flights that get them here and home at the proper times.

Q. Can we sleep on the boat between destinations?

A. Yes, there will be 5 open beds available as well as many couches throughout the boat to kick back on and rest your eyes if you need a break from the action.

Q. Is the boat capable of handling a large group?

A. Yes, the boat is USCG rated for 52 passengers plus crew. We are only allowing 32 guests maximum aboard at any one time. This will give your group ample space. Unlike other yachts you may see our boat is approved by the coast guard to carry charter (paying) guests. The boat goes through many yearly tests and checks in order to pass these strict guidelines. We chose this boat to ensure you and your group’s safety is of upmost importance on a Top Shelf Golf Excursion.