Kiawah Island Golf Resort

Top Shelf Golf Excursions offers luxury treatment for you and up to 24 of your guests on a private yacht charter to the finest golf destinations in the world. Travel on the yacht is a private cruise where you can enjoy the scenery, spend time with friends and relax in anticipation of the next port and the lavish resort accommodations of your choice. Top Shelf Golf Excursions will take you to the regions best golf courses while taking care of all aspects of transportation.

The chartered cruise provided by Top Shelf Golf Excursions includes a personal concierge who is ready to meet any need of you or your guests. No request is too large or too small. Their aim is for everyone to be comfortable and happy. Since golf is your passion, a private golf instructor is also ready to serve you 24/7.

Quite simply, Top Shelf Golf Excursions will provide the best possible luxury get-away for you and your friends and family. They guarantee you will enjoy every moment on-board their yachts, and they will take you to the Kiawah Island Golf Resort as one of their destinations. How you play is up to you.

Top Shelf Golf Excursions provides base accommodations that are the standard of taste and luxury you deserve. In Kiawah, town homes are offered at a reduced price that are very spacious with tasteful furniture and beautiful views. There are homes for six to eight guests, all near each other to keep your group together. They offer great value for money and are in keeping with the aim of your trip to have the best quality accommodations when in port along with the luxury offered on board the yacht.

These are tasteful, luxury homes with large rooms including a dining room, kitchen and TV room with fireplaces. The spacious decks overlook the golf links or marsh. There are six to seven beds as well as many comfortable couches that could be used as extra beds. Each unit will easily accommodate any group up to eight people. There is also a five star hotel, private ocean front homes or Maritime Villas available.

The Kiawah Island Golf Resort gives a first class experience for everyone whether they play golf or not. The private ocean view or ocean front homes make a spectacular beach holiday and a great place for friends and family to enjoy a continuous beach party.